How to Check If Your WordPress Blog Posts

How to Check If Your WordPress Blog Posts
How to Check If Your WordPress Blog Posts

Do you want to check if your WordPress posts are ranking for the right keywords? Most beginners manually check rankings for their articles by writing keywords in Google. This does not give you an accurate idea of ​​where your articles stand for the target keyword. In this article, we will show you how to easily check whether your WordPress blog posts are ranking for the right keywords.

Checking the rankings of WordPress posts for the right keywords

Why check keyword rankings for your WordPress posts?

If you follow our complete WordPress SEO guide, you will learn how to optimize each article on your website for specific keywords. This helps you to get more traffic to your website.

Most beginners search on Google only to see if their posts are appearing for those keywords. Nevertheless, they usually only examine the first page or perhaps the second page at best.

The point is that sometimes your article can be a way of ranking at the bottom of the first two pages or at worst it may not even be ranking for the keyword you want.

If you rely on checking your keyword ranking manually, then you are missing out on useful information, which you can use to improve your SEO ranking and increase traffic.

That being said, let’s take a look at how to properly check the keyword ranking for your WordPress blog posts.

If you do not want to watch the video tutorial, you can continue reading the text version below:

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the best SEO and keyword research tools on the market. It is a comprehensive SEO suite in which you will need all the useful tools.

It comes with a powerful organic research tool that can show keyword rankings for any domain name. You do not need to type the URL for individual articles. This will automatically fetch results for all URLs in that domain name.

SEMRush Organic Keyword Analysis

Just enter the domain name you want to see and SEMRush will get a ton of information. After that, click on the Organic Research tab to see the complete list of all keywords whose website is ranked for you.

You can sort results by status, URL, traffic, and more. You can also export the results to a CSV file and research offline using your favorite spreadsheet program.

You can also track specific keywords with SEMRush, and they can track those keywords on your dashboard, so you can instantly see their performance.

SEMRush can do the same thing for any domain name which means that you can enter your competitor’s domain name and see which keywords they are ranking for. You will also be able to see their paid search traffic, paid keywords and other useful information, which you can use to outrank them.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly Webmasters Tool) is a set of tools offered by Google, allowing webmasters to improve their website for search. See our guide on how to add your website to Google Search Console.

You can see the performance of your website through search results, impressions, rate, status and more. It also allows you to submit XML sitemaps that help Google crawl your website more intelligently.

To view your keyword status, click on the Performance Report and then click Average Position Score.

Finding your keyword status in Google Search Console

The search console will now load your report with the included average status column. Next, you need to scroll down a bit to see the full list of keywords that rank for your site.

Keyword Position in Search Results

Next to each keyword, you’ll see how many clicks, impressions, and status it gets in search results.

You can sort the results according to the Clicks, Impressions and Status columns. By sorting using position, you will be able to see your top ranking keywords. As you scroll down, you’ll be able to see keywords where your site appears deep in search results.

You can also export this data and open it with your favorite spreadsheet software.

3. Ahret

Ahrefs is another popular SEO tool among professional marketers. This interface is easy to use and tries to make the information understandable even for new users.

Just enter your website domain name in the search box, and it will create neatly created reports with beautiful graphs and charts.

Ahrefs Report Overview

You will find all your keyword rankings under the Organic Keyword Report. Next to each keyword, you will be able to see its search volume, keyword ranking status, keyword density and more.

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