Idea Balance Transfer Main Balance From IDEA To IDEA 2021

Idea Balance Transfer
Idea Balance Transfer

How To Transfer Main Balance From IDEA To IDEA

Idea Balance Transfer: Everybody knows Idea is another largest Indian telecom network, which provides GSM network services. If you are an Idea prepaid customer and want to transfer Idea talktime main balance to another Idea prepaid number. With the help of Idea balance transfer service, you can easily share Idea prepaid talktime balance to another Idea number. But both of number have to be the same circle.

Idea balance transfer service works well when the point comes to share talktime balance to your friends and family member in an emergency. In case any of your known partner doesn’t have a sufficient balance to make a call. You can share your Idea sim balance to that person number. There are two people in the condition. One is the sender another one is a receiver. In this condition, the sender balance will be credited to the receiver’s account.

Note – Some peoples want to transfer their Idea talktime balance to another network number. We want to give them information that the service does not serve on another network.

How to Transfer Idea Balance from Idea to Idea

Idea balance transfer service help users in case of emergency when a subscriber account balance is running low. Most of the time we ask for help from our friends using Idea balance transfer service. Using this service we can transfer Idea account balance one Idea number to another Idea number.

Idea Balance Transfer
Idea Balance Transfer

You can follow the below steps to transfer the Idea balance.

  • Step 1) Open Dialpad and enter *191#.
  • Step 2) Now it will display some options select Talktime Transfer Option.
  • Step 3) It will ask to enter your mobile number and proceed to the next step.
  • Step 4) Now it will ask to enter the transfer amount that you want to transfer.

You can use the below alternative method to transfer the Idea main account balance.

  • Step 1) Dial *151*<Mobile Number>*<Amount># to transfer Idea balance to another prepaid Idea number.
  • Step 2) You can use this format *151*123456789*10# to transfer balance.

These are the Terms and Conditions of Idea Balance Transfer

  • You can transfer balance between Rs 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 to Rs 100.
  • You can transfer the balance on the same state mobile number on the same operator.
  • Idea will 20% service tax on the transfer amount.
  • You can send balance only once in a day to the same number.
  • You can send balance only to Idea numbers, not other network operators.
  • The sender should be a user of Idea for at least 3 months.
  • The receiver should be the user of the Idea for at least 30 days.

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